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Buy brand new Chiappa Firearms online today from our shop. Chiappa firearms makes a wide variety of some of the most unique, and innovative firearms on the market! Browse models like the Rhino revolver, Chiappa Rhino 60ds, Chiappa Rhino 44, Chiappa Triple Crown and many more. Chiappa Firearms produces a wide array of models to include replicas of historic weapons and muzzleloaders, lever action shotguns and rifles. We produce handguns in .17 and .22 rimfire, and also manufacture the personal defense handguns such as the Chiappa Rhino which is a revolver that has its barrel located at the 6 o’clock position. We at Chiappa Firearms Store are continuously innovating and designing unique firearms and strive to offer our customer base a firearm they are proud of. If you are intrigued by new designs, then check out Chiappa Guns available in stock.

Chiappa Rhino Revolvers For Sale

The Chiappa Rhino is the most innovative development in revolver technology in decades, if not since the creation of the revolver itself. Refusing to be constrained by tradition and previous design limitations, the Chiappa Rhino has improvements that move the revolver forward into the 21st century. Unconventional in appearance and superior by performance, the Chiappa Rhino fires from the bottom of the cylinder rather than the top. This dramatically reduces muzzle rise and recoil felt by lowering the axis of the bore almost to the palm of the shooter’s hand. An aluminum alloy frame and barrel shroud make the Chiappa Rhino lightweight and easy to carry. Accessory rails on the bottom of the barrel shroud on the 4”, 5” and 6” barrel models easily allow mounting lights or lasers.

The Chiappa Firearms 6” barrel models come with both rails on top and bottom to easily mount optics as well as lights or lasers. The snag resistant “hammer” is actually a cocking device because of the Chiappa Rhino’s innovative completely enclosed firing mechanism which can be fired either single or double action. A cocked indicator is clearly visible to indicate the internal hammer status. Another innovation of the Chiappa Firearms is the hexagonal cylinder which keeps the revolver’s width to a minimum. Available in 2”, 3″, 4”, 5” and 6” barrel models in black or stainless finishes, all Chiappa Rhino revolvers feature an easy to see fiber optic front sight.

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History Of Chiappa Firearms

Chiappa firearms manufactures a wide range of models. The catalog includes replicas of American historic weapons and muzzleloaders, lever action shotguns and rifles, handguns and rifles in .17 and .22 rimfire, sporting and self defense handguns such as the famous Rhino, signal guns and air guns. As a direct result of the optimization of the manufacturing process, all Chiappa products are an excellent value. Chiappa firearms today is a rapidly developing, constantly evolving corporation. The great capacity to innovate with flexibility and dynamism, the wide range of products and the excellent value for the consumer have allowed Chiappa to spread sales in 60 countries, being fully able to compete with the biggest companies in the world.

The entire manufacturing process is managed and coordinated by a computer system that encompasses all steps of production. This system allows for a thorough control of the execution time, thus keeping production costs tightly monitored. Finally, all firearms are visually inspected and test fired in the shooting range built inside the company before being brought to the packaging area. Thanks to the experience of the personnel, the tradition of artisan craftsmanship cohabits with a modern organization within the same factory, fostering maximum efficiency.

Chiappa includes the companies Chiappa Firearms S.r.l. (defense, sporting and replica firearms), KIMAR (blank and signal guns), ACP (training systems), Costa S.r.l. (surface treatment of metals) and Chiappa Firearms USA, Ltd. (USA’s distribution center). The success story of the Chiappa derives from a combination of factors, among which are a great technical experience matured over 60 years; ability, the courage and entrepreneurial spirit of the President Rino Chiappa, and the total dedication to work of the whole Chiappa family.

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